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Bradley, party of five {{cincinnati dayton family photographer }}

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  today we all get time to reflect on our blessings of family, health, freedom, and absurdly abundant food. 

i’ve been super busy shooting like a mad woman thru’ october and november.  this was one of my last shoots before i ran away to the mountains with my BDs for a break.  

how thankful must Ellen and Michael be to have these 3 little girls?!


they have a lot to be thankful for in fact.  Ellen, Villanova tennis star, and Michael, of NBA and UK basketball fame, spend their time now enriching the community thru’ their Moksha yoga studios in Cincinnati and NKY, and pouring profits back out with local and international outreach programs.  you can read more about all that here. 


for our time together, i got to skip around with the three little beauties and we pretended like it wasn’t 30* out.  the bright sun was a good start.


we spied on mama and daddy, chased the farm kitty (or some of us ran from it), had a mini camping adventure, raced down the tree lined gravel, snuggled to keep warm….



…they even pulled mama into a few rounds of ring around the rosie and got major air from 6’10″ daddy!-143, 4 and 5?  these dolls were serious troopers out there in the bitter cold.  i wish you girlies full bellies and warm lazy turkey day naps.  can’t wait to meet up again for more fun, and if the temp is above freezing, even better:)-4

and in the spirit of black friday, i guess i should remind all of you that if you send your 2012 session deposit in before the end of the year, you lock in the 2011 rate.  AND if your next session is within 6 months of your last, you save another $50.  AND if you want to present your deposit as a BD gift certificate to the BD addict in your house {i’m looking at you Mike Martin} i can email one over for you to pop into a picture frame and hang on the tree.  the flurry of family, friends and holiday parties starts now thru’ new years.  i wish you all safety and sanity.  til next time, cheers!

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Sarah Martin - Mike WILL be getting me a BD gift card this Christmas! And if he doesn’t.. I’ll just buy myself one! haha

Nicole - Such a beautiful family!! And awesome pics Bridgette!

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