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boo is two! {{ cincinnati dayton modern school portrait photography }}

our boober boy is turning two!-10it’s pretty much my favorite thing to hear him talk.  not gonna lie, it made me cry the first time because it was proof that he’s growing up.  but once i got over the inevitable, it’s pretty endearing.  he says pretty much everything as if it were a question, with a sweet upswing inflection at the end:)-6

some of his favorite phrases now?

if he wants to pick a fight with you he puts up his dukes and says “wanna go?”


when he falls down {100x a day}  he assures you and himself with “okay?”


he’s not sure about most foods.  he takes one bite of yours then offers it back.  but he definitely is a fan of cookies. aka “cuckoo?”-1

when he needs something from his mommy or his daddy he’s pretty sure they are both named “daddy?”-5-2he’s an animal lover “bishy, horchie, kee-kee, ducgy?”-5-4i can’t admit that i’m his second favorite aunt. let’s just pretend my name is too long so he prefers his aunt “kayy?”-3-2-2

if he has a fetish it’s definitely with shoes “chew?”-2he’s super smart.  he already knows how to burp on command;)oh and he knows his “eye, noh, mouw, hand?”-1-2when he wants to hold his cousin bronx it’s “babeeeee?”-9

and of course, “bye bye luh you!”

{kisses borey borey boo boy! la la from aunt bridgey!}


**fyi, this back to school setup is available for back to school sessions for those of you looking for a modern alternative to traditional school portraits!:)**

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Nicole Elkins - Love these! He is adorable!

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