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happy birthday joshie {{ cincinnati dayton child photography }}

so this isn’t my most recent session, but i’m trying to use Bronx naptimes as blogtimes now that i don’t necessarily need to nap with him:)  thought this would be a fun one to share with you guys….

Joshie has the coolest parents.  his mom and i go way back actually, we just didn’t know that until she booked me, as a complete stranger, for Josh’s 6 month pictures.  as i was wrapping up the session, she sent me a facebook request so i could post a sneak peek for her.  she asked how i knew a mutual friend we had, and from there we discovered that we had gone to school together in 2nd grade.  she actually got the leading role in our christmas play that year and i was secretly crushed because i thought i had it in the bag. ;)  but now, all is forgiven because she and her husband have a cute little boy she lets me take pictures of, and they are big fans and supporters of my work.  as always, thanks for that!  on the first day of august, we got together again so Joshie could be the star of his own first birthday session. -7-3-2-6mama said she didn’t expect any smiley pics, Josh is just a serious kid.-5now i won’t say that i won him over, buti do have some sneaky tricks up my sleeve and i’m a bit of a smile ninja.  oh, and his mama does a mean elmo impression.;)  in the end we ended up with plenty of grins.-4-3-2-1-2-2-2-8

he kinda-sorta skips everywhere rather than a boring old walk.  it’s kinda-sorta the cutest thing ever.  baby swagger!-1happy birthday J, and congrats mama and daddy on your first year as a family of  three!  can’t wait for the next milestone…

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Brandi - Thanks so much for your kind words and amazing photos! We are clients for life!

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