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vintage travel themed reception {{ cincinnati dayton event photography }}

we all probably know by now that I don’t do wedding day coverage.  but who doesn’t love a good party and free food?  sometimes I can be bribed to do special events, and who more likely to talk me into making an exception than the bride who flew me across the county for a photo session of her and her groom in the mountains?  Nika has a way of getting what she wants it seems:)  she had a gorgeous private wedding ceremony in Garden of the Gods, Colorado in April.  this weekend she had the most fabulous themed reception here in Ohio to celebrate with friends and family.  she did such a beautiful job with all the details, I can’t help but share a peek of how it all turned out.



on top of everything looking first-class, she held the event at an actual airport, right on theme, and had the incredible backdrop of real planes and skydivers, complete with American flag displays and the night ended with fireworks.  unbelievable. -12-11-9-8

-7-2Nika thought of everything.  a special kid’s only section included craft paper table cloth for doodling, books, bubbles, old school airplanes to put together and glowsticks for later. 

-7it also happened to be outrageously hot.  saturday’s high of 99 degrees tied a 58-year-old record for the date and surpassed Friday as the hottest day of the year by one degree.  you’d think it would be miserable, but she had that covered too.  the kids ran and played in the sprinkler, a trampoline equipped kiddie pool, golf clubs, frisbees, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, wiffle ball and lots more.-1-3-6-2-6-5-2-4-2-3-2-3-1she presented her best girls with hand picked vintage cases filled with glamorous vintage goodies- and treated them to a photo shoot.  what girl doesn’t need a breathtaking new facebook pic?-1-2-2-4

↓runway models↓ get it?:)


and what modern party is complete without a photobooth for the guests to get silly in?  all of her details were perfect, i just loved the theme and all the special touches.  a girl after my own heart.-19-18-17-16


thank you justin & nika for treating me like a superstar through the last year.  from your engagement session in the fall, to the accommodations in Colorado for your bridegroom fashion shoot, and finally wrapping it up with the documentation of your reception and fun on the runway session with your girls.  i’ll try not to be offended when i don’t get a ticket to join you on your tropical honeymoon;)  best wishes!  {BD} 

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Sarah - LOVE this!! What a beautiful couple and a beautiful reception! Love all the details. Super cute!

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