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BD#5 has arrived!!!! {{ cincinnati dayton newborn photographer and proud mama }}

i was pretty sure he would never be here.  even when i was at the hospital and 7cm along, i still didn’t believe it.  but today he is two weeks old and i’m pretty convinced that he is real now.  in fact, i’m pretty attached to him.   i like him quite a bit.:) after 14 hours of natural labor and the most incredible water birth i could have ever imagined he is here.-1at one week i mustered up the energy for his first shoot.  my two favorite boys in the world: Bronx Ramsey and his incredibly handsome daddy.-7-57 lbs 15oz and 19 inches of pure sweetness.  he smiled thru’ half the session, little ham.-4-3-2his big sisters (aka 2 extra mamas) seriously cannot get over him.  i say the best way to describe them is Elmyra from Tiny Toons, “I want to love him, and hug him, and squeeze him…”-3-2-2of all his little parts, my favorite might be his little superman curl cowlick right in the front of his head.  if he doesn’t grow out of it, he will probably hate it.  i will always love it!  -2-1-2it’s funny.  with your first baby, you can’t wait for them to sit up, then you want them to hurry and walk, and you are dying to hear them talk.  with this third and final baby, we are so free to really appreciate every second of his being small.  in fact, BD daddy and I have decided to just try to keep this one a newborn forever.  i’ll let you know how that goes;)-6

oh, p.s. i take it back.  the cowlick is tied for favorite with those wrinkles right there above his right eye.  he does his daddy’s signature sarcastic eyebrow raise so much that those lines are still visible even when he’s relaxed.

happy two week birthday “mister”.  you are so so loved.

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SisnamedJen - what a precious BD boy! I love him already. Can’t wait to meet you Bronx!

Nicole Elkins - Bridgette! He is so precious :) I love these pictures and can’t wait for you to come up next month to take Kennedy’s newborn pictures. Hope all is well!! Enjoy that little man!


natalie - Bridgette – He is so gorgeous and your blog is GREAT! It’s fun to read and your photography is beautiful. Congrats on another gorgeous, healthy baby. Natalie

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