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how in the world did i get too busy to share this session? dream come true when leah sent a message introducing herself and asking if i was up for a triplet one year old shoot!  i’m obsessed with multiples, always wishing i had twins {even this last surprise pregnancy}.  THREE for the price of one?  let’s go!  introducing BD’s first and favorite triplets,


-3-9-8-7-4-15i’m quite sure i’ve never been more impressed by two parents.  i happily expected sheer chaos from this shoot.  one year olds are crazy enough in singles.  the fact that we enjoyed such a seamless session together blew my mind.  i don’t recall a single tear or tantrum.  with the three of us there, we each had only one to tote from spot to spot and i was blissfully exhausted by the end.  when they told me that they both work outside the home on opposite shifts and it’s usually just one or the other of them home alone with the gang, i couldn’t believe it.  Andy gave Leah all the credit for keeping them on a tight predictable schedule.  i can’t tell you how much i admire you guys- Leah, for even being able to carry three babies for those long months in the womb, and then to look as gorgeous as you do on top of it, and the pair of you for making such an amazing team.  you inspire me.  it makes me so happy to see a happy marriage, and when you guys publicly acknowledge each other’s hard work and express your love and appreciation for each other on facebook it’s so refreshing and uplifting.  i’m so blessed to have met you.  thanks for choosing me.-13-5-12-11-10-2-2-2sleepy eyes:)we wore them out so much that they could hardly keep their eyes open to enjoy their first cake-6-1-2


happy birthday, happy birthday and happy birthday.  and a hug for you each!

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Leah Hounshell - Bridgette, You did an AMAZING job!! I can’t believe how perfect these pictures turned out! We are so overjoyed with each one! You are such a talented and exceptional photographer. Thank you for working with us! I know it was exhausting, I don’t know how you did it with a little one on the way! I have had so many people ask me who our photographer was and I just can’t say enough about the whole experience. Your photos get compliment after compliment. I tell everyone they have to use you! Thank you for being so sweet and patient with us, it couldn’t have been a better experience. We will definitely be using you in the future!! Thank you so much!

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