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the queen of all trades {{ cincinnati dayton senior photography }}

ok seriously.  if i tried to tell you how amazing ashley neal is you would think i’m an exaggerator.  and her poor blessed mother must at least rub some moms the wrong way with all the bragging i imagine she has to do.  i’ll let the facts speak for themselves.  ashley’s resume reads a little something like this:-4

VP of student council


captain of softball 2yrs


 NHS president

-2-2survivor of S.W.A.T. team/bank robber shoot out… make that two of us!  our shoot was delayed by three hours as a crazed gunman held up traffic on I-75 and police shut down all access to our photo location.  that’s just a fun anecdote, probably not helpful on college apps, Ash. -2homecoming queen-1-2

marching band chick


school mascot last year


varsity athlete {softball, volleyball, basketball, track}


a respectable young lady and total “role model” material


 class president


dabbler into the guitar world


and finally in her own words “being totally awesome”.  you should read this with the modest sarcasm it was spoken from as i asked for her list of accomplishments.  she’s totally adorable and the most refreshing mix of humble and confident i’ve ever seen in a young woman her age. 


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SisnamedJen - Don’t know her, but I wish I did. The photos (like always) are so totally awesome. (not in a sarcastic way) Gorgeous girl photoged by a gorgeous girl.

Erica B - Fabulous job Brigette! What a beautiful young lady, with all the neg we hear this was refreshing! Our young people will hold our future in their hands, it :) looks like a good place to be. Cheers!

Keep up the good work, both of you!

Ashley - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! you did an AMAZING job Bridgette!! i had so much fun hanging out with you, and i keep telling everyone i know to check out your website :) thanks again!

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