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prom 2011 {{ cincinnati dayton teen photographer }}

Right now is a pretty great time in my sister’s life.  She happy, smart, productive, blossoming, growing, learning and loving.  I’m honored to be able to freeze these moments in her journey.  Right now she has a great guy that makes her smile {thank you!!} and she spends her hours with one foot in high school and the other at college.  She’s taking courses ahead of her years, no surprise, and excelling.  She’s headed toward her high school senior year as a lifeguard, marching band field commander, and part time college student again.  Her big sister couldn’t be more shamelessly proud.-2

We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. {Japanese Proverb}

p.s. just so you all know, going in with your friends for a limo to prom/homecoming is SO cliche.  all the trendsetters are going in on custom photo sessions.  just sayin.:)

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SisnamedJen - Love her, love you, love it all! Pics are amazing.

Kate - Thanks sis! I loved this ridiculously cold and windy shoot haha I just took a break from trying to balance all my work, schools, and bands schedules to check out this post. I love you and all that you do! :)

p.s. I love you too Jen!!!

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