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Vegas or Bust {{child photographer with a passport Vegas Nevada}}

My awesome Godson, my Mekhi love is three now.  I was lucky enough to be flown out to gorgeous Colorado for some portrait work with a lovely couple, and since i was on a roll, acting all independent and jetsetting, i added a quick jog over to Nevada on the way home to see my Vegas family.  It took a little coaxing to get them out of the city and over to the “ghost town” in the mountains but it was obviously worth it.  Tiffany kept warning me that the hills have eyes, but all i saw was this superstar. -5-4-2-4-3-2-3-2-2he gave away my kisses to his birth mama.  apparently going thru labor and doing the hard everyday mothering day in and day out for three years has its perks.  whateves.  i have video proof of Mekhi confessing his bunches of love for me.  i’ll have to see what i can do about linking that here…ah yes, click exhibit a -2-1-2-1-5-2

all my love sweet boy.  xoxoxo.  and one more x.

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SisnamedJen - He gets cuter and cuter every time I see photos of him. give Lil’ Boston my love when you talk to her again!

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