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what about your friends? {{ cincinnati dayton group photographer }}

i have a feeling i’ve missed out on alot, not meeting Lawana until now.  she came thru the website with a great idea- to celebrate her birthday with a photo session with her nearest and dearest.  i happily obliged and was blessed to spend a frosty morning meeting her charming son, glowing sister and best friends. 


he really impressed me as a mature little man who does a good job of taking care of his mama.


quite the gentleman indeed.  it was my pleasure to shoot the little ham, and get him out of his morning classes at school:)

-2-2next up was Lawana with her girls.  i always love witnessing the energy that a bonded group like this shares.-4

and i love having them tell me embarassing childhood stories about the guest of honor:):):)-3

such a gracious host to give each of the ladies their own time in the spotlight.  especially after they brought up those old jeans and the skating rink LOL;)

-8-5-1my favorites   ↓  ↑   family ties and real emotion. doesn’t get much better than that.  happy birthday Lawana!!!

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Lawana - I love it and we enjoyed you.. And of course will be calling you in the future.

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