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i’m baaaackkk {{cincinnati dayton modern 6 month photographer}}

-3-2it has been brought to my attention that I’ve been a very bag blogger.  demanding fans (whom i adore) are tired of loading my page to find the same pictures as the days and weeks before.  i don’t deny i’ve been slacking.  i don’t post every shoot because spending time with my family is more important… and then so is getting enough sleep to be a human incubator, and also having enough time to actually shoot more sessions.  But since you are being persistent, and i’m actually physically back in Ohio for a bit, and my family is back to school and work, and Ohio’s rain is keeping me from shooting, and the baby seems satisfied with me sleeping until 11:30 today, how’s about i try to do a quick recap of what you’ve missed.  yes?  do you forgive?  ok thanks:)


first up is sweet 6 month Jacob.  i really don’t love shooting indoors except for newborn sessions.  actually i loathe it… but Ohio’s weather is wonky and sometimes magic comes from being pushed out of your comfort zone.  we will do a real family session outdoors when it’s consistently warm, but he was only 6 months old once so here’s what we came up with!  he showed me some of his favorite toys, we danced around the kitchen and tempted the kitty with treats.  all in all, it was hard work but so worth it.  i would give anything for some classic pics of me with my girls like this in just diapers and smiles.-2-1-2-3-2-2-1

cara, i can’t wait to hook back up with you guys and see what he thinks of the great outdoors.  looking forward to our next session!


**if you all are wondering, my own baby boy is coming along quite nicely.  approximately 80 days left for him to grow from his current 2.5 lbs chinese cabbage size to my perfect little real live cabbage patch doll at the start of august.  for now he is busy practicing his tae kwon do moves out on me so he has a chance against his senior yellow belt sister when he arrives;) **

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