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ayla is one!!! {{ cincinnati dayton one year photographer }}

happy birthday ayla!!!

i’m sure i’ve already said this, but ayla was one of my first preemies and there’s really no proof of it left other than those sweet images we captured when she was a peanut.  look at all that delicious baby belly and plump rolls!  very impressive:)-3she was more into the strawberry than the cake {girl after my own heart}-2-1  

have you ever seen a more precious, perfected, pout??-2-2-5-2-10-1-2-9i’m pretty sure this one of them together is my very favorite.  gina is dear to me.  she is gorgeous and inspiring in so many ways.  she lost her mom when she was young, and to see her with the baby girl she always prayed for is overwhelmingly heartwarming.  gina’s love for our family is shown daily as she diligently packs my girls’ lunches for school, full of healthy organic food, and love, and occassional sweet notes.  this means more to me than anyone knows, and gina, i hope you understand how appreciative i am of the time and effort and care you put into it all.  to be able to give back to you with frozen moments like this is JOY for me.  -8-7-5-4-2-4-3-2-6

lots of love, a forever friendship, and a sweet baby girl who brought us all together.  thank you birthday girl Ayla Joan.

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