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peanut benjamin {{ cincinnati dayton preemie newborn photographer }}

Benjamin surprised everyone by showing up early.  no worries tho, he is healthy, ADORABLE, teensy and full of smiles.  i had so much fun with this 5 lb nugget!


-9-8-11-5-2-7:)i don’t do a lot of open eyed pics with my newbies.  they have such a hard time focusing but i couldn’t resist this awesome expression.-4-2-5-3-2-4-3-1-2-10


ben was so good to us.  and by us i mean me and his mama.  he gave daddy a hard time, especially when we took off his diaper and he got very comfortable hovering over daddy’s head.  i will let you imagine why he is smiling in that pic… and why mallary and i were literally on the floor laughing!  hilarious impeccable timing for a mess.  kurt gets the award for my most good natured, cooperative dad ever.  who else could keep a smile on his face and keep the baby safely balanced long enough for us to gain our composure and take the baby for cleanup? 

i had so much fun with you guys and i just wanna eat that sweet pea up.  hope you are enjoying his sweet first month as it flies by. thanks for choosing me!

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Julie - These pictures are so amazing! Every single one made my smile bigger and bigger. =) I can’t wait to hear about your bundle of joy and the pictures to follow. Hope your doing well!

Mallary - Thank you so much for these pictures! I continue to share with everyone, not only to show off my pride and joy, but your AMAZING talent! I have recommended you to tons and have heard of friends and family who are recommending you as well just from these pictures. We will continue to use you for all of his milestones!

Bridgette - Thanks guys! Mallary and Julie, you both were a joy to work with and I just loved our sessions. I appreciate the support and following more than you know. I have a new focus of creating an excellent experience, not just a shoot, and then happening to get great images out of the experience. It’s so important to me that you enjoy your time with me as much as you enjoy the pics. Thanks for confirming this philosophy!

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