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where do i even begin? {2010 senior}

let me start by saying that this one might take a while!  molly maloney. aw, cutest name ever.  her mom called and said she wanted something way cooler than the normal lean-against-a-tree-senior-pics.  music to my ears!  to me that means, carte blanche and the perfect opportunity to do all the shooting i had filed away in “one of these days…”  She was the perfect girl, and today was the day.

*speaking of music, i think that pics are best viewed to the tune of your favorites.  i can’t stand those sites where they impose their own collection into the background, so i suggest opening another window and tapping that wonderful resource called  get your custom sound going, then come back and add the visual dimension to your sensory stimulation bliss. go ahead, i’ll wait*

ready?  now.  i know it’s overkill but i started with 50 FAVES.  it was all i could do to narrow to these 15.-2  her cd is maxed out at 6.3 billion images;)-12she rocked so many sweet locations for me-11um, really with this beauty?  fave straight out of camera!-10work this-9and that. thank you very much.-7dream-6come-5true!-4laundrymat or laundromat ?  {debatable} either way, i’m SO excited to move this to the “done it” file.  no, make that the “revisit with my next rockstar client” file. -3we found the greatest colors!-1-2and the prettiest patch of natural light on earth

-1can’t you see a super cute engagement session here?-13-2-2k, i know i have to quit.  leaving you with this very favorite over all!!!!-8

molly maloney, you rocked my lens, and made my heart jump with artistic excitement.  hope someone brightens your week the way you did mine!!  -photolove-

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Susan - Bridgette,
I could not believe my eyes when I went to the website. I had huge tears in my eyes when my husband walked in the door. He asked me what was wrong. I then showed him what I was looking at. We both smiled and the realized how lucky we were to have found you. You truly are SPECTACULAR!!! I cannot begin to thank you for what you have done for Molly’s senior pictures. I’m glad we got to be some of your first’s because I know with all my heart you will be one of the best Photographer’s in and around our area. And I’m proud to say we were a part of it. We have been blessed!!! My Sincere Thanks, Susan

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