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Class of 2011 {{ college senior photography dayton cincinnati }}

when Jenni contacted me to say that her mom wanted to treat her to senior pics, i was ready to go.  when she said that she was actually a college senior, i was even more pumped.  remember the part where i said, “if you have an idea for a unique shoot that i haven’t listed, send me a line and let’s go”?  this is what i’m talking about! any excuse will do!  i’ve done high school freshman fotos and senior pics, but Jenni is my first college senior:) -5-2that’s not to say that she didn’t have traditional senior pics done in high school.  but she and her mom we less than impressed last time and wanted to try something a little less… studio this time around {which of course was music to my ears}


this of course meant that she was FREEZING {but you’d never know it huh?} and got to do guerrilla style wardrobe changes behind a blanket in the woods.  she even had a chance to sneak in a series of shots with her BF who was a very helpful assistant with all our crazy ideas.  awwwww.



-3-2i realized as i was editing who her “twin” is.  i love playing this game with people.  who do they look like, or better yet, who do they look like the love child of?  it’s THE BEST way to pass time in a long line at the airport or wal*mart.  but i digress.  jenni’s hit me hard with that shot above.  she could be a double for supermodel adriana lima.  *google image her at your own discretion and you’ll see what i mean*:)-3-2i continue to enjoy how photography makes my world bigger, and smaller at the same time.  i get to discover so many places and meet so many people and hear their stories.  big world.  jenni came to me after seeing some pics i had done for a classmate of hers from high school.  as we chatted during the shoot, it turns out that she was good friends with my younger brother years ago, and actually spent lots of time at my parents’ farm riding horses and passing time on warm summer days.  small world.-1-2-2-2

congrats to Jenni as she leaves Wright State University next week with an undergrad in gen business.  also, thanks to her for her service in the air force as an E5/SSgt.  good luck in your next adventure – whether defending our country, continuing your studies or stunt-doubling in a victoria’s secret promo:)

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