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introducing mr. mitchel meek {{ cincinnati dayton in home newborn photography }}

2/11/11 {7 lbs 8.2 oz}-2-2today is mitchel’s 2 week birthday!  take a peek at our time together on his one week…-2-1-2-1-10all his sweet little expressions are priceless!-9-4-2-8-7-2-7-6-2-4-5-2-6-3-2i love that my newbies have such wrinkly feet to grow into, and i love that i get them fresh enough that you can still see their little marks from the heel sticks at the hospital.  they are usually new enough to still have their umbilical stump too, which lindsi wanted to have in this session, but someone decided to lose it the night before.  mitchel is very precocious.  his pictures were slow going in the beginning because he moves so much.  when i would set up a shot, he would lift his head up, move it around and wiggle out of place.  he did some modified crawling and frog jumping.  he obviously missed the memo that now is the time to be super lazy and let everyone exhaust themselves waiting on you hand and foot.

-11 -3-8-2-12

congrats to you both on your perfect little addition!  i had a great time hanging with you and hope you are soaking in every amazing exhausting fleeting moment of his first month.  please check in with me as he gets bigger and the weather gets warmer.  i have a feeling he has a lot more modeling to do:)


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Sarah - So freakin’ adorable!!

Lori LeMaster - Fantastic pictures, totally captures Mitchel’s personality!

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