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student becomes the teacher {2010 senior}

this is Allyson.  don’t you love the way that’s spelled?-6she might be your child’s teacher soon.  i was so impressed to learn that she’s part of her high school’s teacher academy and already works with a class.  i’m very thankful for the opportunities i had like that when i was a senior.  it’s invaluable to get real-life experience in your chosen profession early in the game.  if it’s not a good fit, you know before it’s too late.  if it is, you have all the confidence you need to dive in head first. -3it’s refreshing to meet someone who has a hard time NOT smiling:)  most of her pics turned out like this!-2but her mom and i thought i would be great to pull some drama and “next top model” looks out of her. -4work.               it.               out.               FIERCE!!-1-5

thanks for playing along with us Allyson.  you have a CD full of pics coming your way, and look,  i was able to pull away from your gorgeous eyes for 20 seconds and work some great body shots in there after all.  look for the ones back by the wheat stuff, they’re my fave;)   

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