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i wanna stand with you on a mountain {{ cincinnati dayton engagement photography }}

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still here?  great.  so i don’t always do mushy features about my engagement couples’ history.  i just happened to be chatting while we shot and julie mentioned something like “i didn’t even believe in love…” and all of a sudden my ears perked up because i used to be that same girl.  the girl who has it all figured out, who knows everything, and is quite sure that a man is the last thing she needs to complicate her life and her plans.  as she told me the rest of the story of them, i thought it was pretty sweet and you all might like to hear it.  i texted her this week to ask if she could send me a quick recap so i didn’t mess up details, but forget about me giving you a summary.  i can’t let this gem go to waste, so here it is verbatim.  i checked my inbox for a note from julie.  instead i got this tear jerker direct from seth!

{Julie and I found out in March of 2010 that our best friends were getting married. This of course meant that we were going to be walking down the aisle together. My friend called me and said that I HAD to look up Julie on Facebook to see who I was in the wedding with. When I finally found her I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. So after a few anxious days we started talking a little back and forth online and eventually one night I asked for her number, and to my surprise she gave it to me. After that for the next few weeks there wasn’t a moment we weren’t textingor talking. We would stay up till 5 in the morning talking about anything that came into our minds. Come to find out, Julie was not aware that I had recently moved to Florida and we were literally 1,000 mile apart. This made things even harder as we got to know each other more and more. Then, one night after another 7 hour night of talking on the phone, I called her back and told her I Loved Her. After that we both knew that we were meant for each other. 2 Months later I finally got to come to Kentucky for the wedding and I stayed with her the whole week I was here. Even though we had only talked on the phone it seemed as we had known each other for years. Leaving to go back to Florida after that amazing week was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. After a few weeks away from her I knew what I had to do. I quit my job and made the long move back to Kentucky and moved in with Julie and [her son] Kole. To this day I don’t know how we were ever apart for so long. Its hard to believe that less than a year ago I didn’t even know her, and now I have an amazing family and am about to marry the girl of my dreams. When Julie and I first started talking, we were in shock at how quickly our friends were getting married. I told her “Maybe they have found something that neither you or I have ever felt”…who knew we would find that feeling in each other.}


-17-2-2Julie said, “My days got brighter and my nights got longer with every text and phone call made. I could no longer function with out my phone by my side. With long distance we did things different then most people.  The deep conversations about life, love and family brought us so close that at one point in a conversation we had I remember laying on floor (as I did most night we’d stay up on the phone talking) with my legs up in the air on the wall and thinking…..I’m going to marry this man…”

“…Finally July 7th 2010 I met Seth and what no one can understand is that although I was meeting him for the first time it felt like he was away on business and coming home from work. It was just so natural and comfortable, and just felt soooo RIGHT. We shared our first kiss and it was like the butterflies in my stomach were having a party. They didn’t stop that entire week =)”

these next two are my special gift to little Kole:)-15-16-14-12while we were shooting, a bunch of guys in a landscaping crew were chiming in with their suggestions on spots we should hit.  then a 12 news video guy asked if HE could shoot US doing our thing.  apparently julie+seth is a universally irresistible combination .  too bad i don’t watch the news, might have missed my only 15 seconds of fame:) -10-9-8-7-3-2-11

thanks guys… for having me and for being awesome and making me get happy butterflies for you.  excited to meet Kole one day so he can be in a shoot dressed like his new ”Pops”. 

and while i’m being all mushy and emotional anyway, let me just get it out of the way and say i have THE BEST CLIENTS IN THE WORLD.  i love sharing in your stories, i love that you make me break my professional boundaries and keep you all as friends because it would be my major loss if i didn’t.  i love that i get to relive my own story and life milestones thru’ yours.  i love that you keep my passion burning with super generous affirmations and compliments.  like i said before, you make me love my job even when i’m cross eyed exhausted.  you make me smile all the time and then you share me with your friends so the crazy love friendship photography ball keeps rolling.

grateful grateful love love {pregnancy hormone disclaimer if this is over the top} love. goodnight!!

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Julie & Seth - Awe you have made my night! These are beautiful and I love every single one of them. You are amazing and we will be seeing you soon to do family pictures….and when baby comes you will be there as well. I wouldn’t want any one else.
For the record when I speak of you I explain that you were my long lost friend I’d never met. You made us feel so comfortable and it was like we were hanging out with our friend. Thank you for everything! You are in many ways the definition of wonderful!

Sheila - I never, ever get tired of looking at your amazing work or reading your heartfelt writing. You truly inspire me girl. I simply would not be doing what I love if it werent for you.

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