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a new year… a new baby…

-13before i met the Keylocks, all their proud friends try to warn me how adorable they all are.  seriously, anyone who has ever met them goes on and on about how unbelievably precious they are.  how cool to be so loved that your reputation precedes you like that.  obviously, a pic is worth a thousand words, but you can see i wasn’t disappointed:)  even their names are cute town:  George, William, Finn and now little Evie. -12-11-10-9-7

we snuck away for a few shots with just mom and dad with their only girl


and then i got to play legos with the boys while sister got nice and sleepy:)


i was so happy to finally meet evie and her gang.  can’t wait to chase them all outside when it gets nice and warm.  thanks to all clare’s friends that gifted her this session.  super sweet, and it was a special treat for me too!



that last image will be great for gift certificates.  which, by the way, you should all be evangelizing to your friends for me huh?:)  they make great group baby shower gifts and i would love to be booked up with newborns for these slow cold winter months.  and… we happened to find out the day after christmas that WE WILL BE GETTING OUR VERY OWN BD NEWBORN {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}  so i’ve decided to keep my 2010 price, at least through January, in hopes of having a strong first quarter.  who knows what the second half of 2011 and my maternity leave will look like so i gotta work it now! 

a HUGE thank you to my awesome clients,  loyal blog readers and BD fans for an amazing 2010.  your kind words and encouragement mean more to me than you know.  i love that i constantly meet new amazing people, i love that you share special moments of your lives with me and i love that you get as excited about your images as i do.  thank you for being a unique extension of my ever growing family, and thank you for your continued support, sharing my site with anyone you think might wanna book at the 2010 rate while i’m still available.


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Nika Bevis - Congratulations again, friend. :) So happy for you!

Jenny (Jones) Ranker - Hey Sister! Love the Keylock’s session. Their kids are precious! Future husbands for your girls? Or mine? Hook me up.LOl! I am so happy your expecting, I don’t even know how to express it. I just love your babies like my own, and can’t wait to meet the newest BD :)

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