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wax lips and man ribbons ;)

very forrest gump, in the best ways possible:) -1-2this is billy and meg-2and this is the date they’ve chosen to join together in holy matrimony-4 they told me a little of their story and how they’ve known each other since like junior high.  we talked about their future children and how their first son would be william the fourth { i just got a nephew that has a IV behind his name! } i learned some military dress vocabulary and we {billy excluded} discovered a common affinity for the gilmore girls.  meg had great ideas and style, we share a love of photography and they were so up for anything i asked. -1-3 this one, i swear, feels like a picture their grandkids might find in an old box someday. -3 gotta love a guy who serves and honors his country.  thanks to you both for the sacrifices your family will make for our comfort and freedom.


i like them. alot.  so i took ‘em to the candy shop and got them a little treat.  below is exactly why i wanna keep them.  they let me get the shots i wanted, billy worked his funny faces for me, then when i wasn’t looking they swapped and meg suddenly had facial hair :-{)  definitely sealed the deal for me!-1 i had such a blast and as we walked back to our cars i beamed with happiness.  how awesome it was to have met them- one of those fateful meetings where you just “click” and could easily become fast friends.   my heart sank seconds later when they told me they’ll soon be moving across the country.  i already envisioned a shoot of them and baby william IV!  but meg, i’ve thought about it and all is not lost.  surely you have to come back and visit family right?  just work a session with me into each visit itinerary and i’ll be happy k?:)  i can’t wait for you to see the rest of these.  good luck with your wedding!  you are such a great couple.   

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