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trains, planes and bus-o-mobiles {{ cincinnati dayton vintage theme engagement photographer }}

nika and justin are to be wed in Colorado next august… and there’s a plane ticket with my name on it:)  now, before all you brides send me hate mail for turning away your wedding requests, i’m NOT shooting the wedding.  i will be flown out to do a full day bride and groom fashion shoot with an amazing mountainous backdrop, i will enjoy the intimate little ceremony as a guest, and i will party with everyone afterward with a rockin’ phunbooth.


to set the tone for their vintage travel themed ceremony, we froze our tails off at the airport and train station.  it was great to get a glimpse of the love nika and justin share.


um, Justin, neither of your feet are touching the ground, who runs like that?:)


seriously, nika has done her legwork.  she has an impressive collection of authentically vintage suitcases, maps and globes already.  it’s gonna be so sweet to see it all put together on the big day!-10-14

how brilliant is her ring? way to go justin.




pretty sure this could be my fave.  the one above with their classic expressions, not the nudist one below. what kind of weirdo do you take me for?  come on tho, that’s funny.


ok, so justin wanted to be funny and make nika run in her heels so he could pull her onto the train.  but then he leaned too far and started to slip.  nika’s face was priceless.-11-27-3-26-2-29-28

thanks for all your stamina out in the frosty air guys!  can’t wait til we actually board the plane headed for Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. 

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adreanne - omg….in looovvveee….you are FANTABULOUS>>>>FABTASTIC!!!!!!!

Erika - LOVE everything about this shoot! You feel their JOY!That’s what life and love is all about…kinda makes you run on air, I guess!

Shannon - My best friend is so beautiful, isnt she?! Wonderful job! :)

Kristen Menhart - Oh Girly…you have outdone yourself once again! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING photography skills!

Erin - I absolutely LOVE these pictures!!!!! You two look so beautiful and I love the theme! Beautiful pictures :)

Nika - We just spent the last hour pouring over these CD’s and we are SO THRILLED with the way our photos turned out. I cannot explain to you how thankful I am that you braved the cold with us and spent FOREVER freezing your buns off so we could have the COOLEST ENGAGEMENT SHOOT EVERRRRR! I am so happy with the work you did, my friend. Thankyouthankyouthankyou from the bottom of my heart. You made me feel like a movie star. You are amAZING!!

Mo Seiple - Oh Nika! I love love love love love them! They are just perfect and you guys are gorgeous.
And Bridgette, you did the most amazing job with capturing Nikas gorgeous smile!
I am so happy for you, honey.

Jenny (Jones) Ranker - Oh my gosh!!! I love this so much. I am so jealous that you will be in Colorado. My house is there, but I’m not in it. Nika CONGRATULATIONS!!! You look amazing in every shot. I’ve been to the Garden of the Gods. Your pictures are going to continue to be amazing.

Ash Randall - You are UNREAL, girl. Seriously. No one out there like you. These photos are amazing.

vintage travel themed reception {{ cincinnati dayton event photography }} » I Want {BD Photography} - [...] you justin & nika for treating me like a superstar through the last year.  from your engagement session in the fall, to the accommodations in Colorado for your bridegroom fashion shoot, and finally [...]

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