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so Meadow is growing up.  seems like yesterday i was taking her newborn images, and now she’s off getting proposed.


ok, not really.  but Meadow’s mama has this great friend, who has the cutest little boy.  they play together all the time, and he’s not 2 yet so he can’t really speak for himself, but Meadow’s says that’s her boyfriend.  both mamas agree it would be storybook perfect if they grow up and get married.  so we decided to take a little trip to an abandoned theme park to illustrate the story they dream about:)-1a girl is not her best without her best guy right?-5-2coming right up ms. meadow:)-50Meadow just turned 2 herself so until i saw it with my own eyes, i thought her affections must be a little exaggerated, but she seriously adores him! -4-4-2-3-6-2-7-2-8-2

if this does all pan out, the bar is set high for you colin:)  you can’t turn back once a girl gets Tiffany&Co in her blood-10-9-2-9-6-10-2they’re so sweet.  it was a super cold morning but they were just happy to be together.-1-2-2-2-1-3


best wishes to you all  :)  good luck with the story

“You don’t have to go looking for love when it’s where you come from.”
Werner Erhard

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