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mini BDs: thanksgiving part I {{ cincinnati dayton child photographer }}

seriously, there are too many things i have to be thankful for.  i couldn’t start to make a list that does any justice. 

  but, i’ve been sitting on some shoots for a while.  shoots that mix my personal life with my professional one, and i don’t know why i’ve hesitated to share them.  maybe i’d like to keep some bit of privacy, or maybe i’m unsure of the pics.  i don’t believe i know how to be unbiased and choose my best work when the subjects are my world.  but today is the day of giving thanks, and so i suppose there’s no time like the present to share these.  my girls and the impact they have had on my life,  i’m SO thankful for.

SO thankful for mini BD #1.-1i’m thankful that she is artsy fartsy.  that she’s the quiet one in a crowded room but a major goofball at home.


-15i’m thankful that she’s not always a meanie butt to her sister.


-14i’m thankful that some people still think she’s my twin, even if daddy is getting some credit these days.


-13i’m thankful that when she is well fed and well rested, we get along beautifully.  she’s got the heart of an angel.


-11i’m thankful we are so much alike, except for that part where we are both wretched unrecognizable groucho versions of ourselves in the morning.


-12i’m thankful that she’s not nearly as close to being a teenager as this omen of an image tries to warn me she is. 


-4-2i’m thankful that she still wants her hair cut like this, otherwise i might have to get some guts and finally cut mine.


-10i’m thankful for her wrinkle nose smiles and the fact that the sun still makes her sneeze, just like when she was a baby.


-1-2i’m thankful that she could be a model but she has no interest.  the longer she stays unaware of the power of her ravishing beauty, the better for daddy’s sanity and mine.



SO thankful for mini BD #2-8i’m thankful that i can occassionally still get her to wear piggytails, tho’ typically this is the result.


 -3i’m thankful that letting her take them out buys me 7 mins of cooperative photo shooting from the girl who always says “stop takin’ my pitchuhhh!”.


 -7i’m thankful for the good little citizen who makes cute friends who make her cute friendship bracelets.


-4i’m thankful that if nothing else, she has my eyes and i can put “green eyes” by coldplay on and sing it loudly to make her blush.


-6i’m thankful that i will always hear her darling 6yr old giggle when i look at this one.  and remember her top baby front teeth- one of which has been repossessed by the tooth fairy since this shoot.


 -3-2i’m thankful that she’s a tough one, or thinks she is, always eager to wrestle someone.  it’s currently her favorite form of affection.


-5i’m thankful that she has such an amazing sense of humor.  that she’s the self named “funny one in the family”.  that when i make a teasing comment about her that should go over her head, she catches it, makes this astounded face, and then quick as lightning jabs back at me with something more witty and hilarious.


-2-2i’m thankful that she’s a thinker.  it’s a little scary because i don’t have all the answers she demands, but maybe we will get there together.


 -9i’m thankful for moments like these.  when she’s still my “wittle baby wif a thilly withp”.  that her R’s don’t always come out “vvwight” and she still wants me to carry her.  these are my comforts as she tries to renegotiate that promise to always be my baby.  “but mom, i’m not a baby now, i’m a kid”


-2i’m extremely thankful that they have each other.  so much so that i remind them how lucky they are, and how much they should appreciate each other… to the point of their annoyance with my meddling.  when left alone, they get along brilliantly.  briella can’t help but be a perfectly overbearing substitute in my absence.   and brooklynne…well i’d say she does everything the little sister is supposed to do, be that good or bad ;)  the moments i savor most are the ones where they have escaped, just the two of them, to their own magical world where they think no one is listening.  but of course i am and what i overhear is exactly the trust and comfort that i hope they will always find in each other.

RunningCircle   finally, i’m thankful that even tho’ they run circles around me, i get the chance to try to keep up.  what more could a mama ask for?

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Sheila - You have an amazing way with words my dear. Thanks for sharing your amazingly beautiful talent.

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