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bird on a wire: thanksgiving part II {{ cincinnati dayton senior pictures }}

when you’re a girl with an older brother, and a younger brother… your pennies are always thrown into the wishing well with hopes for a baby sister.  especially after the next baby turns out to be boy, AND the next.  i almost thought they stopped making girls after me.  it wasn’t until i turned 12 and already had the swing of loving four brothers that i finally got the baby i had wished for.  and my baby she was.-5-3-2-4not a baby any more huh? 

 at age 12 i really did learn a lot.  sleepless nights pacing the floor with a crying baby.  birthday cakes for a one year old covered in chicken pox.  blondie curls, gap teeth and upside-down heart shaped sunglasses that melted hearts.  as a scrawny pre-teen i popped her up on my undeveloped hip and carried her around as my own.  the disappointed glares of assuming strangers never bothered me a bit.  if they thought i was her teen mom, i just took it as acknowledgement of the hard work i happily did to take care of my living doll, my baby, my first real wish come true. -2-3truth is, all that was the easy stuff.  i got my own family to deal with just in time to miss the rocky hormonal years.  our amazing mama got to take the full brunt of the era where you cry unexplicably and have no idea what’s best for you and you hate your mom because she does.  the hardest part for me is appreciating how much she has grown in the moments i missed.    -3-2-2  i had always wanted a sister, but when i got her, the age gap made me her caretaker.  making the transition from big sister to peer sister has been a bit uphill.  just now we can share clothes and movies and experiences.  but it’s hard to watch your first baby deal with boys, or drive a sketchy car off into the night.  i imagine those are the times when a peer sister should be the one keeping your secrets and figuring out life with you.  instead i have to suppress my unsolicited advice and remind myself that i am not her mother.  {which by the way, she should be very very grateful for.  it gets no better than the mama we have.  it’s a shame that you can’t appreciate that sometimes until you become a mother yourself }  i’m fumbling my way thru’, taking it as a practice preview for when my life will consist of two teen daughters, and trying to force myself to be a teen with her again to make up for lost time.  it’s really not such a stretch:)  Lord knows i spent enough of my childhood trying to be an adult.  ironic that i spend my adulthood acting like a kid.  { i think i just had an epiphany!}  -1-3-1-2-1so when we get together now, it’s equal parts of intentional influence and immature nonsense.  one week i drag her along to a women’s growth group, the next we skinny dip in a public lake.  most days i roll my eyes as she is unnecessarily awkward and shy… i will have to wait for her to become comfortable in her own beautiful skin and gain confidence in her impressive intelligence.  meanwhile we laugh at inside jokes and her hilarious snorts that usually follow.-4-2-10-5-2-11-7-8-9our tradition of seasonal photo shoots has stood the test of time.  have to say tho’, this time felt more like two sisters on the same level having a blast than ever before.  through my lens this day, there was very little evidence of my baby.  i think i was finally able to see my sister.  it was a good day… hopefully the prototype for many more.  we shopped, ran around town trespassing for the sake of art, and shot til we {and the sun} dropped.  we even topped the day off with side by side pedicures. -6most astonishingly, she jumped into the leadership role, pulling me along when i uncharacteristically wanted to chicken out of shooting at this crazy artist’s house we spotted. great call. -2

i heart you too Kaitlin Cherie.  i’m thankful for you, our story and the journey. 



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Kate - Thank you mommy!….I mean sissy ;) It was really hard for me to hold back the tears so Alicia couldn’t make fun of me. lol So much of the stuff you said are things I think about all the time. I’m glad to hear I’m not ALWAYS looked at as your snotty teenage daughter :p Thank you so much for the pics and the vacation and the sisterhood and the guidance and the BEAUTIFUL little baby sisters you gave me :) I love you ♥

mom - WOW! all i can say is thank you & i couldn’t be more proud of the two of you! i love you both more than words can say

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