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boy oh boy {{ cincinnati dayton child photography }}

a photo shoot with two boys younger than 5 is more like an hour for me to realize how old i am, trying to keep up with them and make them laugh and keep one’s interest while trying to gain the affection and trust of the other.  little brother hid behind his mum’s legs and thought he wanted nothing to do with me.  in the end tho’, i was flying him around like the airplane on his shirt.  i really enjoyed our playtime- the only thing that nearly did me in were all those stairs.  do you know how much fun stairs are when a crazy lady with a camera is chasing you??    -9-7-6-5-3-4-2after they knew it was ok, they let me meet their baby sister.  you can tell that they kept a close eye tho’.  after all, being overprotective is a big brother’s main responsibility, yes?-12-1-1-2-11-10-8by the time we were all done, i was involuntarily mimicking their scrumptious english accents.  they were like having my own little real life boy version of charlie & lola.  their mum tried to convince me otherwise, but i’m quite sure i’d never tire of those chatty little voices.  for some reason tho’ she wasn’t quite willing to let me take them home test her theory:)  i think she likes them as much as i do.chasedillingham_3

thanks for a fun day.  can’t wait til you teach sister how to walk and i get the chance to chase all three of you!

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Richard & Marilyn Green - These are fantastic shots – they look like little angels!

From a very proud Nana & Papa

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