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hangin with the coopers {{ cincinnati dayton family photography }}

monday morning shoots are so crazy for me.  i like that they force me to get on the ball, but my gosh.  fridays at 3p, i get the girls from school and it’s like a bell rings to announce the weekend.  pure unadulterated BDfamily time!  we go go go, and then i blink and it’s sunday evening.  when i have monday morning shoots, i always find sunday evenings to be my last minute high pressure planning time.  gotta get my head back in the game and my ducks in a row.  last sunday night, i got my stuff together and tried to visualize my Ault Park family shoot scheduled for the next morning.  it wasn’t working.  nothing clicked.  i felt totally uninspired.  something just wasn’t right. 

i looked at the clock, thought twice, then made a blind call to eszter, whom i’d not yet had the pleasure of meeting…

on her end of the line she heard me thinking out loud and rambling and brainstorming.  it basically came down to “it’s going to be really cold in the morning.  i’m not feeling Ault this time of year.  what do you think about me just showing up to your house and us figuring it out from there?”  on my end of the line i heard a hungarian accent that i fell in love with say “lovely! that sounds perfect.”    

first thing monday i showed up and they all followed me outside.  we stayed close by, which was fabulous as it ended up very chilly, and we only had a small window of time to shoot with daddy.  hooray for early morning family love!-5-3-4-6-15

if this next one isn’t holiday card material i don’t know what is.  i’ve never seen a more honest family shot LOL.  {take note of the mischievous toddler smile on little miss #2}-3-2after that, we went inside so the babes could get warm and comfy-7     you can see that the girls already wanna be like their amazing mama, but they’ve got some big shoes to fill;)  {i hope my corny humor doesn’t get lost in translation!}

moving along before there is no chance for redemption… our “warm up” intermission turned out to be perfect for a whole new series of pics.  it wasn’t intentional… i loathe shooting indoors.  but they happened to have lots of windows and beautiful morning sun.  and i happened to feel like a very welcome guest/new member of the family after our short time together thus far.  so we just relaxed and played. -8-9-4-2-10-11by then we had plenty, and definitely could have been finished.  but i wasn’t ready to say goodbye.  have i mentioned i’m no good with goodbyes?  so we mutually decided that a field trip for ice cream would be a nice ending to our morning.  if there was enough light in the shoppe for more pics, so be it.  if not, we would just have ice cream!  {win}{win}-12-13like a kid in a candy store eh?-2-14-2-2↓↓please do something fabulous with this image. swoon!↓↓

thank you eszter, for letting me step right into your lives for a day-for your kind words-for not batting an eye as your babies dripped chocolate all over their picture perfect outfits-for the fabulous lunch suggestion-for making me feel like we’ve been friends forever

here’s to hoping that i will have the pleasure of knowing you and your gorgeous mini coopers for a very long time!

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