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november means thanks {{ cincinnati dayton child photographer }}

-1-2-7-2-2i can hardly stand the cute squishness of this baby lovin’!


what sweet little girls.  boys on the other hand.  well, rotten three year old boys are just my fave.  it seems that they want to be a challenge… {methinks he doth protest too much}-1but it turns out their stubborn will to be ornery is no match for my teasing, sarcastic, reverse psychology super powers;)  why do i love them so?  always was a sucker for the hard-to-get ones.-10-4-5-3-2-9-8-6

to six year old toothless grins

to sugar and spice and everything nice baby girls

to snips and snails and puppy dog tail boys who try their best to be mean but are too adorable to pull it off

to glimpses of maternal instinct in a big sister’s proud face

to hoping these three musketeers have a strong loving bond that’s unbreakable into adulthood

to all of it… it goes too quickly.  it’s all too precious.  thankful for a camera.  thankful for the pause button.  thankful for the moments today.

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SisnamedJen - They are all so adorable! Love the squishy love too.

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