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lights, cameras and {BD}blue

so, there’s this neat little place i like to call OVAM.  it’s a huge collection of random vintage fun.  so, when i finally had the opportunity to meet the amazing Jamie Wyckoff of Julia’s Poppies fame {one of her many creative outlets},  i knew she was just the kind of girl who would really appreciate my treasure trove.  she, Heather, Hadley and I did some early morning legwork here–a perfect tuesday morning.  i’ve spent a total of five hours now, perusing different booths, but i have yet to see it all.  this place is awesome!  there’s no rhyme or reason to the collections you’ll find during your time at OVAM, so my nikon and i simplified things a bit by collecting some goodies in my favorite hue, {BD}blue:) -5-4-6jWyck and i getting our minnie pearl on-1the morning date actually evolved into a lunch w more friends, and ended with me crashing their roadtrip to indy, some fantastic massages and my favorite pizza ever.  some more finds in the big city… -3finally, here’s my christmas wishlist in visual form… just in case you were wondering.  any of these will do, and they don’t even need to be in working order.  only 51 shopping days left you know ;) -2

{click here to share on FB}{pin it!}{send to a friend}123,101,109,97,105,108,32,109,101,32,116,111,32,115,101,116,32,117,112,32,121,111,117,114,32,111,119,110,32,115,101,115,115,105,111,110,33,125}!noisses nwo ruoy pu tes ot em liame{

Sheila - LOVE!!!!!!! Okay….Ive given you time to settle back in from your trip….Now I need JAMAICA pics!!! ANd QFT with Bridgette. And your address so I can send your pics:) Miss ur face.

{bridgette} - JA pics are forthcoming. narrowing the hundreds down to what’s FBable and blogworthy. will send u address NOW!

Katie - Oh my goodness! LOVE these photographs, Bridgette! This is a place I MUST visit.

SisnamedJen - The fire hydrant stood out to me, I always take pictures of new and interesting fire hydrants. I may have to get them together sometime and share;)—don’t think I have a blue one in my collection.

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