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wanna know what a preemie looks like 6 months later? :)-8surely you remember teensy little baby in a bowl ayla huh?  she’s impressively and adorably chunky now:)and almost seems to have the makings to become a yoga teacher.-7and these are her very cool brothers noah and ethan.-3-1someone mentioned after this pic was released that they have the perfect storm for a boy band:)-2it’s a funny thing, this business.  like everything else requiring balance, photography has put me to the test.  there are schools of thought that relationships with clients should remain professional.  that boundaries should be drawn clearly. that business is business and it should stay that way for a reason.  and then there is me.  i think that you can never have too many genuinely amazing friendships.  i’ve learned that we meet people for a reason.  i’ve learned that we can bless them and they can bless us. 

six months ago, gina was a stranger who called from her labor recovery room and {very sweetly} persisted that i come take pictures of her precious girl who had arrived way earlier than expected.  i was in a bit of a rough patch and resisted, but all my hesitations and excuses were met with more endearing persistence.  she made it easy on me and in the end i said yes. 

it was one of the best yes’s ever.-9i can’t explain the peace that comes from knowing things are not in your control, and that you are way better off because of it!  all sorts of happy-obvious-sarcastic things have happened, entangling our lives since then and it just makes me smile.  when my client gina asked if my girls could come along to the shoot, i was happy to oblige, excited that i wouldn’t have to leave them again.  when she asked if they could be in the shoot?  well that was something new…seemed like a huge crossing of boundaries, mixing of my two worlds. it just seemed foreign. and then, i said yes:) sometimes you just stop following the rules and go with your heart.  and sometimes magic follows.   -4you see, my client gina is now also my dear friend gina, and along the way, our kids have become sweetly bonded.  it’s seriously the most innocent and heart-warming dynamic they share.-5-1-2still, it couldn’t hurt to have pics of them from the beginning if they do happen to grow up and get married or something;)-2-11-10-12so good bye to boundaries.  i believe in making the most out of everything, and if my photography journey is going to be an avenue to have incredible people hand delivered into my life, so be it.  gina’s story is one of many already, and i just want to say again, thank you.  to my Jesus, and to all of you who watch and support and encourage me.  to be surrounded by so many who rejoice when i rejoice and wait patiently when i stumble…  you are recognized and loved and appreciated. -6

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Kate - I love their family! They’re so gorgeous :)

Kristen Menhart - AWESOME pics and I was tearing up by the end because of your beautiful words!! You are so talented!

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