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how is it even possible? a year??

one year ago, i came home, exhausted and exhilarated after being up for days waiting on my nephew to be born.  he arrived, on his own terms, safe and sound and healthy and adorable and SO loved. 

months before that , early in the pregnancy, we all talked about the baby to be, just in a dreamy untangible way.  you know, when it doesn’t seem real, and you can’t even imagine what it will be like, but you think talking about it might make it more possible.  “what should we name the baby?” alicia threw the question out there.  just-turned-five year old brooklynne chimed right in…”if it’s a girl, i think lacy.  if it’s a boy, spike!”  of course we all laughed like crazy {the most common of all responses brooklynne gets from us} we love her innocence and ability to add classic pick-me-up one-liners to our family inside jokes.  then i had to explain, “brooke, spike is a dog’s name. you can’t name a baby spike!”  {tho to be fair, it did seem a step up from what she plans to name her own sons: spiderman and laserman}…a few weeks later, ultrasound told us that it was a boy.  immediately he inherited the family name, theodore arthur howell the fourth.  tho somehow, in conversation, he was always referred to as spike. and spike he has been ever since:) 


brooklynne introduces him to people with her pre-rehearsed line, bursting at the seams with pride, “This is Spike. I named him!”

briella adores him as well, and loves that he is a captive audience for whatever her new crazy face of the week is. he also is the perfect excuse for her to make up a new impromptu song and dance. 

as for me, and the rest of us, he is a steady little dose of happy.  he is curious, and loving.  the kind of baby who will pretty much let anyone hold him.  he is a constant reminder that the clock is spinning at a dizzying pace.  he is a fourth generation specimen of strong genes that show up every time he wrinkles his forehead in frustration.  he is a million faces that can transform from screams for attention to broadway smiles in a split second, all on purpose for his own entertainment.  he is excited recipient of fore-knockers and borey-the-bellies.  he is an expedited package of “turn a carefree girl into a woman with mommy emotions”.  he is boober, mr. man, bubba, mr. whiskers, theo, and of course, spike.  the jury is still hung of how he will sign his kindergarten papers.-5-4-2-3-5-1-4-3-2-1-6

my boo-boy.  i love you as big as the milky way.  i love you like you were my own, but it’s great that you aren’t.  you are the perfect hybrid of your parents who i adore and i’m so proud of.   i’m thankful for the little family you created just by being you.  happy happy happiest of birthdays! xxxxxoooooxoxoxoxo

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mommy - bridgette you are the MosT amazing writer & photographer!!!once again you’ve brought tears to my eyes.T&A did make a handsome & wonderful lil’ man !

alicia - i keep telling myself he isn’t one yet not till 9:55 pm but soon enough it will be that time so i might as well accept it! he isn’t my 7lb 13oz new born baby anymore he is my walking “talking” smart as can be big boy who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it! he will always be my baby! he is a momma’s boy like his daddy so i know he will always need me! glad i could help bring this wonderful miracle into the family for everyone to love and watch grow into something amazing and to give the sunshine girls a “baby brother”! i love you and the rest of this wonderful family i was accepted into even when you thought i hated you! meh seems not to be the appropriate expression of my feelings lately! ok enough of the mommy emotions and on to the one year old’s birthday fun! lala

Kate - I can’t believe he’s one already :( it makes me so sad!

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