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K + SJ = 4ever {{ cincinnati dayton engagement pet photographer }}

k, so you know that kirk and sarah-jane’s relationship isgonna hold a special place in my heart.  i mean, i got to PHOTOGRAPH THE ACTUAL ENGAGEMENT. {yay!}  well i want them to be a BD family always, and for them that meant getting their rustic engagement session done, and introducing me to their kids.  fur kids.-13they have very cute smiles. and how do you not love a dog with a mohawk?!-7

k, so sorry if it’s overkill and you really can’t take all the gorgeousness of {to-be} mr. and mrs. donaldson.  i tried to keep it under control i really did.  but when you start with 17o final images and narrow it down to 40 top faves, posting only 20 of those is like having to decide if you will only have air, water or chocolate for the rest of your life. k? please forgive.-22-15-21-20-14-12-11-9-8-6-5hello beauty!!!!!!!-4-2-1-24-23

all my best wishes to you both!!!  i can’t wait to have an excuse to photograph you again:)

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Sarah Brown - Absolutely stunning!!

Caitlin - just found your blog and i’m a fan now :) love those shots of them lying down!!!

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