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marry me sarah-jane? {{ cincinnati dayton proposal photographer }}

yes, from the perfect spot overlooking the city, while being serenaded by live guitar and vocals, sarah-jane saw her man get on one knee and heard him say those two huge words: marry me.

at the risk of having to find a new look for my next undercover shoot, that’s me ↑ in a wig! ok so it’s bedtime on wednesday and i’ve been smiling since sunday at 5pm:):):)i’m a girl. and i’m a girl who LOVES surprises. so, to be asked by super slick Kirk to photograph his super romantic surprise proposal to Sarah-Jane as it unfolded was like christmas morning to me. i wore a wig, i hid in the bushes, i did whatever i could so the good surprise wasn’t wasted on me. i was so excited, my hands were shaking the whole shoot! apparently having your photographer at the proposal to record THE VERY BEGINNING is the hottest trend for young couples now. our biggest local radio station was even talking about it this week. seriously ladies, who among you wouldn’t LOVE to have a canvas of that moment? i’m just saying, it gave me the adrenaline rush of the year, so men, step up your game and send me an email. i’m addicted. let’s go!

p.s. Kirk, about that cinci skyline art you commissioned me to do earlier in the year? those last two images of you guys were custom made for you to put on ginormous canvases and place right where the skyline pic was intended. k? k!!!

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Sarah-Jane Bodnar - crying all over again! these are wonderful. i am too excited for tomorrow!! THANK YOU

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