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Hadley Brooke {{ cincinnati dayton ohio newborn photographer }}

-2i could probably write a short book about how adorable the mcguffey’s are now +1:)i mean they are just SO in love with their baby girl. and why shouldn’t they be? she’s beautiful and a real life dream come true. it’s just so endearing to watch heather gush over her. and to say how cute everything about her is:)little silly things that sound over the top, but to me, they make heather as cute as hadley. i just love watching a wife turn into a mama. all the new mom hormones in this case seem to be joy, joy and more joy. it’s like heather’s middle name should be joy. oh wait, it already is.:)i’ll try to leave you now to just enjoy the images. i’ll try not to gush, but no promises…
-1-1-2-2-2quick stats gush in case you were wondering. she really is a newborn, only 9 days old here. she’s a big one. 8lb 15oz and 21 1/12 in-3-3-2ok, just gotta say, this next one is all for heather. if you had to pin her down on her very favorite hadley feature, it’s that marshmallow roll arm of hers. so heather, for you…-4-4-2-5-5-2-6-6-2-7-7-2-8-8-2-9oh, and this last one too. heather is the definition of a sweet tooth. so here’s her newest sweet in a pile of sweets.-10

as always, it’s a huge honor to capture the moments. dan and heather, thanks for choosing me. looking forward to watching her grow:):)

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Sheila - Once again…in awe of your creativity. Love all of them but my fave is the black and white of mama and baby. Absolutely stunning.

Jamie Wyckoff | Julia's Poppies Design - these are awesome!!! ahhhh… love them!! i love the one of naked heath and little hadley!! her eyes!!

Kristen Menhart - LOVE THE CANDY PIC!!!!

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