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you wanna know more about me?

i would say i’m…

eater of dinner} at the most odd hours; when i wake up i probably want spaghetti, not cheerios

lover of freckles} and other little details that make you you; whether you appreciate them or not, i do!

neurotic speller} if you find a typo on my blog PLEASE call me out on it.  it’s my pet peeve in business, and well, life **emails don’t count cuz man my phone’s keyboard is tiny**

run-on-sentencer} so, i’ve been known to “drop the grammar hammer” on friends and family, yet i can’t be bothered  with {C}apitalization or general punctuation rules.  i write to the beat of a different drum.

wearer of hats} cuz that seems to the be extent of my hairstyling ability

reader of the bible} cuz i’m an imperfect Christian that has a lot of learning and growing to do

laugher} for sure, finding the humor wherever possible

frequenter of comedy clubs} severely lacking in dance potential; trust that its for the greater good i visit this kind of club instead

feverish multi-tasker} just like you, i have a huge list of roles i’m simultaneously tryin to excel in(mama, wifey, sister, volunteer…) and even longer list of “someday” things i’m working toward(teacher, doctor, grandma, donor…)


{thanks for being part of my story, can’t wait to weave it with yours…}

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