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 {What’s it gonna cost me?}

…{why i decided to do it differently} Obviously you want to freeze time, be able look back at that six year old smile that’s changed, or remember how you blushed from your fiance’s whispers.  Who doesn’t want that stuff captured?  The real question is, how much?  Let me say, I’m a savvy (picky) consumer.  I want to know up front what I get and what it will cost me, I don’t want to be sold to.  And if we are being honest, I want it all!  Don’t have 50 awesome images of my kids and throw 47 away when I leave the studio because I can’t afford 50 packages of  50 poses. Ugh!

…{what i do} I’m a keep it simple kinda girl.  I wear t-shirts and jeans.  If i make dinner, we fill up on what’s in the pot, I don’t bother with sides:)  The most affordable way for you to get ALL your pics is for me to give you an online gallery with the images high res, backed up online and available for instant download.  You have an option of one-click-download all if you have websites you prefer to use for prints, gifts, canvases etc.   Or, take advantage of the professional lab prints available to you at my discounted rate, right from inside your gallery.  This is especially handy for friends and family that want a few prints- you can give them your link and they can do their own shopping instead of you being the middle man between them and your photographer, taking everyone’s orders and requests and dealing with delivery. Plus with the gallery, they can be shared in just a click on email and facebook so spread the joy.  Right now my all inclusive price for planning, travel, session time, editing and high-res gallery 75 final finished images is a flat $500.  Say goodbye to emotional-impulsive-last-minute-a la carte-purchases, arguments on the drive home and buyer’s remorse all together. *All sessions now include your gallery of images in color, plus a complimentary gallery of each file in black&white upon request, approx 150 files total*

Ash - Got to you from pinterest! Just wanted to say I love your pics and love your concept!

Christina Heil - Hi Bridgette!

My name is Christina H. My fiancé and I are getting married May 2013. We are hoping that you are available to help us with engagement photos and the wedding. I wasn’t sure if you shoot weddings but I hope we can discuss it! We are friends with Tim and Bridget Beatty and love all of the work you have done for them, the ones of Topper are amazing! We hope to hear from you soon!!

Ashley Mcalpine - Hey bridgette i just got a refferal from one of my friends for you. My fiance and I are getting married June 29th 2013 and i was intreseted in you doing our wedding. If you could email me your pricing and what all is in the package for weddings. I cant wait to hear from you.
Ashley Mcalpine

Bridgette - see what i offer an offer you at this time in the {brides} section on this page. thanks for stopping by!

Latreasa blackmon - I would love to make an appointment

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