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    A little about my biz, so you can start stalking ahead of the game:

    It's called BDphotography not only because it rhymes (tho' i am a Suess fan) or because those are my initials, but because they are also the initials of my husband, our two daughters and our son. without them, i'm nothing. they are the reason i do things the way i do. i LOVE photography and everything that comes with it. if i had the leisure i think i might just do it for free. in my head, that's just what i do. you don't pay for my service, you pay for the time i spend away from my family: planning, traveling, shooting, editing...

    But welcome to the {B}log! stop by often and you can keep up with my most recent adventures in photography, meet my amazing clients, and occasionally take a glimpse into my personal life, because what proud mama can resist a little bragging? i'm sure your family is just as fabulous as mine and the ones you will see here. i bet you actually prefer them to us, but you are biased :) either way, i can't wait to meet them! for now...kick off your shoes, have some more brownies, browse around, and make some silly faces. no one can see, but it's great practice for when i get my lens on you.

    { Bridgette Davis }

Oh Christmas Tree {{ cincinnati dayton morrow lebanon ohio christmas family session photography photographer }}

the chiltons are precious to me and my family- and the prime example of how photography has changed my life, and how God works everything for his good.  obviously there’s a lot to the previous sentence and i’ll be happy to tell you if you have the time one day but for now i’ll be brief.  this isn’t our first shoot together and it definitely won’t be our last.  but, gina said “i loooove this shoot.  the trees make me think of my mom and all that christmas entails. so special having that!!!”

 that’s more than enough for me.

to my {BD}family, i hope you all have more joy than you can handle.  thanks for a great 2015, can’t wait to see what you choose to let me celebrate with you all in the new year!

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hanging with the coopers again {{ cincinnati dayton connections love family photographer photography }}

if it wasn’t obvious from my first post about them {five years ago?!} i’ve always been smitten with eszter and her family.  over the years i’ve had the blessing of becoming good friends with her, antiquing and lunching together, doing yearly shoots with her dear jeremy and the kids, the fun surprise of learning they were adding another baby to the mix, attending her gorgeous baby shower, the honor of doing daniel’s newborn photos and meeting his grandma visiting from Hungary, recording her singing sweet foreign lullabies to him… there’s really too much photo goodness for me to share here without looking downright obsessed.  so i’ll update you all with only our latest session.  it may be good inspiration for you families that aren’t quite sure if it’s too much work to have professional photos done because you have a big family or twins or a preteen boy or a baby.  doesn’t eszter do such a lovely job styling them all? i’m convinced it’s effortless for her.  but you guys, it’s not just me. i recently did a newborn shoot for one of jeremy’s employees and before i had a chance to brag on the coopers, she was going on and on about how she’d worked with jeremy for years and couldn’t say a bad word about him.  what people say about you when you’re not around speaks volumes! i love looking back at their first session and seeing how much the kids have grown. adi is such a cool guy.  anna’s face LOL she’s going to be the most embarassed teenager. i love it.eszter! thisi think my favorite image of you ever. you look SO content. your heart is full, your family is complete, your man adores you. i’m just so happy for you!finally, if you just can’t get enough, and want a peek at what their cute little ginger’s newborn session looked like, kindly press the play button…

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on top of the world

“she’s sooo beautiful” i whined.
rachael replied in her native language {sarcasm} “oh, thanks. she clearly gets it from me”

**you wouldn’t be able to pick rachael out as her mom if there were three, or even one other mom on the park bench probably. rachael has gorgeous dark skin and dark eyes and hair. toe head elena has her daddy’s facial expressions and just about everything else.***

before i met rachael for elena’s newborn shoot, her reputation preceded her. like she could have her own show called Everybody Loves Rachael. she’s the kind of spirit that is just chill and go with the flow and happy and infectious. she has the biggest bright smile. she will lift you up in a time of need. especially a time like elena’s one year shoot when our balloons kept popping, and the very last one was swept off by the wind and got tangled in a tree and before i knew what was happening she was hoisting me in the air to grab it and save the day…. she’s a -save the day and tell you it’s NBD- kinda girl. i know her friends are so happy to have her. i wonder if she knows it? anyway, this image jumped out to me. i see rachael as calm and confident. if this image of elena, literally trying to fill her mama’s shoes at 3 years old, on top of the world with her hands on her hips isn’t rachael’s beautiful confidence, i don’t know what is. she looks so much like you after all, Rachael. 

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aiden won me over with the first glance of his big brown eyes.  actually, he looked exactly how i dreamt my son would look when i was a little girl, dreaming of my maybe-one-day babies.  he ran right into my arms and we played while his mama got his new baby sister alina ready for her closeup.  my first babies were only 20 months apart so i know what a handful it can be having a toddler and a newborn at the same time.  generous soul that i am, i offered to take aiden home with me permanently, but my offer was not accepted. bummer:) it appears that Joanne thinks her babies are as painfully perfect as i do. living dolls. i can’t deal. i’ll hush and show you the proof. enjoy!i survived the rush of 2014 and have spent the first two weeks of 2015 happily hibernated in my bed with the amazing heated mattress pad.  the calendar is filling up with more new babies and a few special projects, so the lazy can’t last for long, but i’m soaking it up until my first newborn of the year, this Wednesday.  Thanks for being patient here as I haven’t made time to update in MONTHS, and for keeping up with me on my ever-so-TMI facebook page.  love you always {BD}

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where the wild things are {{ cincinnati dayton loveland family child photography photographer }}

some days {a lot of days, luckily} things just come together perfectly in this adventure i get to call work.  angela is mama to nolan, who just turned two.  she also happens to be creative and easy going and have an amazing eye… qualities that have served her very well in her own business venture over at the lovely Dulce Designs  . i would say that we have similar styles and mutually adore each other’s work.  she reserved her session date well in advance, but we didn’t decide on details like location, wardrobe etc until the 11th hour. literally, i think it was 11pm the night before her morning session that we settled on a convenient meeting spot near their home and called it a night.  i arrived a bit early, a few blankets in hand, and went snooping around.  i was BEYOND THRILLED to discover a magical little forest, tucked away just past the ugly playground, with cottonwood blooms floating quietly thru the air like snow, but on a nice 70* breeze.  i knew she had a teepee she wanted to use, if only i had brought a few pillows and books.  angela pulled up with those very things in tow, somehow coordinated with what i already had, and even the cute reclaimed wood monogram i custom made for their family last year. check and check. add to that a happy bouncy two year old and a happy accidental find of a “shipwrecked” little metal dingy. we had the makings of a great monday morning adventure. it felt like a world all our own, like we had actually discovered where the wild things are.
nolan was too busy to give mama kisses, until he saw daddy stealing some. typical guy!

dirty barefoot happy boy.

happy happy 2nd birthday.

mama, i hope you really do go back to our special spot with a book one day, and with your adventuresome wild thing another day.

to many more memories as he grows, thanks for choosing me!

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